The Ticker Should Go The Way of the Dinosaur

It’s 2016.  I have smart phone.  You have a smart phone.  We all have a smart phone.

It’s 2016.  I have the internet at home.  You have the internet at home.  We all have the internet at home.

It’s 2016.  I have a DVR.  You have a DVR.  We all have a DVR.  (Well sports fans do.  Other folks have Netflix).

I DVR sporting events.  I used to be able to watch games live but commercials, timeouts and further review (good grief – further review – the words make me cringe).  I can watch live with a group.  Shoot the breeze during the lulls.  Grab a cold one.  But alone?  I’ll go the DVR route.

I’ve watched about 40 Capitals games this season.  Only two live.  Caps games regualarly end about 9:30pm when they play in the east.  I can condense the 2hrs and 30mins into half of that time.

There are dangers involved in taking this route however.bam  Danger number 1 – I’ve hidden my sports page my cell phone by forcing myself to scroll down to find it.  If i accidently scroll down…BAM!  Viewing plans foiled.

Danger number 2 – facebook.  Don’t check it out.  Not only will friends comment and post scores, powif you like the team they will invariably announce victory.  Even if you don’t read the post, it’s always a picture of the celebration…Pow!  Viewing plans foiled.

Danger number 3 – the TICKER!  In 1998, it was invaluable.  Get all the days scores right there.  In 2016, you have a phone,boom you have the internet, and if you  DVR’d another game, you end up invariable staring at it the instant your DVR’d game’s score flashes.  BOOM!  Viewing plans foiled.

It seems as if Batman is having a field day with ruining my quiet time at the end of the day with my remote.  I understand the phone.  Dont look.  It’s not as hard as anyone thinks.  You can do it.  Put it down and walk away.  facebook?  It’s not cool anymore anyway.  This guy hates Hillary. This dude thinks Trump is Hitler.  These folks have kids that are better than yours.  Drama loves facebook too, like bacteria likes a petri dish.  facebook has a purpose.  Sometimes its just hard to tell what it is.

But the TICKER!?  C’mon ESPN.  FoxSports and NBCSports Network too.  It’s 2016. lotl If i need a score, i have plenty of options.  I could even watch ESPNNews.  Oh wait, they don’t do news anymore – like MTV doesn’t do videos.  It needs to go the way of the dinosaur…and not the really cool dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.  I am talking about the really cheesy ones from Sid and Marty Kroft’s Land Of The Lost circa 1975.  THAT’S when we needed at ticker.  1975!  Now it’s time to go watch that Caps game.